Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Skint is Back!

Skint writer is back with a challenge. Write about being a writer. If you do, here is the link to post.

Here is mine.

Awful as it may be.

The Word

It's a word I need to complete
this perfect thought
this perfect sentence
this perfect picture
this perfectly beautiful thought

and I am pacing the house
mumbling to myself
trying to figure what the
it is

I'm sure I will remember it
but the whole piece will
be ruined if I don't use
this perfect garnish to my
own perfectly constructed

and my mind is a sea
of white sauce
I can't seem to remember
that one perfectly placed word
and I call myself a writer

Now I'm goint to sit back and wait for all of those horrible spams to hit me so I can reject them all. Seems that Minx and Anna are the only credible respondance lately.

Oh on the web.


Minx said...

Roberta, will you please remove this...

"As`awful as it may be" doesn't belong here.

Roberta said...

You are too kind Kate. Thank you. My mind was a bit mushy as I wrote it. I hope Skint doesn't take me to task!

anna said...

nicely witty Roberta!
I always enjoy this kind of writing from you

John said...

Quality, Roberta, not quantity. Though I agree with Minx--that line has to go...

d_orlando said...

I have a whole slew of Spam recipes, if you like? ; )