Monday, February 05, 2007

She Loved George

She loved George
and "red birds" she called them
the cardinals were her favorite
to her, they were just red birds

She lived on an island
in the middle of the Ohio River
and raised her babies
and my husband, her nephew

with shaved ice at camp
and birthday cakes, the best I’m told -pineapple upside down cake, her specialty
and smart-assed back-handed humor
that never let her down

My favorite picture was of
her and of George,
young - in the Navy
they looked like Hollywood
so beautiful
so full of themselves -
so ready to have fun!
To live!

George built her a house
on the island in the middle
of the Ohio River
and when it flooded…
they cleaned out the basement
and started again, fresh
just them

and a little Scotty Terrier
named Bizmark.

George was a brilliant mind
Don’t you know –
he was an engineer, of sorts –
built a cantilevered dock
so that the river, when it flooded wouldn’t
take the boat away.

Water skying was fun with them
as we flew behind the boat
George would shout at my Dan
"Just put the rope down!"
Dan trusted George
It always worked out.

I ordered the flowers today
asking the florist, do you have
any red birds in the shop?
He had one. Put it in the arrangement
I’ll pay the cost

Her son kept her in her home
Even built a home next door
And every year when it floods,
He has to dig out both of them
But he kept his promise to his dad
And to her…

She died on the island
And her last word was..

I think he came to get her.


anna said...

I think he came for her too. Beautiful post Roberta - sad.
Love the cardinal photo

Minx said...

Of course he did, he wouldn't forget.

Roberta said...

Anna, Kate, thank you.

Dan is in Wheeling tonight for the first viewing..they bury her tomorrow. I wish I could be there. I hope that the red bird is in the arrangement I means a lot to me.

She will be buried tomorrow.

d_orlando said...

Reading your lovely poem at the service would mean a lot, too.