Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Crash Room

After the boys left home, we took one of their bedrooms and repainted it. Dan used it as an office for a year or so, then we decided to make it a guest bedroom.

We put two twin beds together and bought a king size comforter. The room has just the beds, a dresser and a television. I have called it “The Crash Room”.

Tonight, after Sunday supper, there are three grown young women reclining in “The Crash Room” with same amount of giggles as a twelve year old slumber party. I guess the three had quite a night out last night and need a place to go to recover. (The boys are watching the Steelers lose again.)

Their belly’s are full of home-made spaghetti and garlic bread and salad. They are watching some show on HGTV and just enjoying the rest.

It does my heart good!

Back to business. I will not be adding to my blog again until I have the Bronze Rabbit completed. This will take me some time. But I’m determined. I have to give Herbs voices and make drawings and I found today the most magnificent scrap books to put together as coloring books for the girls!

If I don’t write for a while, be not worried. I’m working on the most wonderful project!


Susan Abraham said...

Hi Roberta,
Have good fun writing up The Bronze Rabbit.
Pleased too, that you found the perfect scrap books.
Look forward to reading you when you get back.
Keep well!

Minx said...

Write up a storm Roberta, and no crashing out!

d_orlando said...

There's always good eatin' 'n writin' at Roberta's Place.