Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Conversation

"Hey honey, you can rest easy. TomKat got married today."


"Tomkat! Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes! They got married today in Rome ! Where have you been for the last two years, under a rock?"

"I’m sorry. I’m so eat up with Britney and K-Fed’s divorce I can’t concentrate on anyone’s happiness."

"J-Lo was there. So was Brooke Shields!"

"Is Brooke on drugs? After the way he treated her??"

"I think she has a forgiving heart and a Dove commercial."

"I wonder if TomKat signed a pre-nup?"

"Oh, I’m quite sure they did."
"How do you know? What have you read?"

"I haven’t read anything. I’m just supposing that they are bright people."

"Do you remember the jumping on the couch thing?"


"Reconsider your thinking."


"I’ve been thinking that we need a pre-nup."

"We’ve been married for almost thirty years. You must be insane. Besides. All we have together are Student Loan debt and a mortgage."

"Okay. You take the debt and I’ll take a cruise."

"As in Tom Cruise?"

"Smart ass."

"Butt head. Hmm."


"I wonder what’s going on with Mary Kate an Ashley?"

"While you’re on the web, check out Demi Moore and that little kid she’s living with."

"I wonder what’s wrong with the world today."

"...about that pre-nup."

"Butt head."

"Smart ass."


d_orlando said...

Now there's a headline:

Or should I say "post-nup?"

Minx said...

What happened to love?

Roberta said...


Rich McDonough said...

lol. Sounds like my house. If we both filthy rich we'd trade each other in for younger versions in a heartbeat. (At least for the weekend. lol.)


Susan Abraham said...

This Roberta, for me was a clever line:

"..think she has a forgiving heart and a Dove commercial."

Enjoyed the conversation!