Monday, October 23, 2006

Observation - October 23, 2006

Photo by RNolte. My doe in snow.

It is too early for the White Witch of Winter to knock jealously at our door in her white fur coat and mittens. She expects payment for the summer sun and the green scented evenings.

The price is far too grim.

It’s snowing. Big fluffy flakes blow in the wild wind and settle on the steps and deck railings.

Squalls blow and block my view of the Golden Oak leaves and the Scarlet Maple. They will be gone in the morning - replaced with stark trunks and sinewy limbs reaching for the next summer to come.

It’s blue cold. There is a fire in the hearth, what little wood I could find, winter came knocking early this year. We are not prepared.

The snow-globe effect is expected to last through the night. Magical to see, horrifying to realize. I just wish the White Witch of Winter would be a tad more patient and wait a month or so.

I am not yet ready for payback.


Susan Abraham said...

"It’s blue cold."
(What a terrific line)
Bautiful, Roberta! The entire capsule of this composition stays enthralling.

d_orlando said...

And I am not yet ready for long pants - it was over 80ยบ in LA this last weekend!

Minx said...

Already? So soon? Brrrr!

Roberta said...

Susan and Dominic,
Thank you so much for your replies. Yes, Susan, it's BLUE COLD. A dreadful state of affairs, if you ask me. It's supposed to be at least 50 degrees.

Dom, you and your L.A. weather. Jeeesh. Let me know when you break out the big boy pants. ;)

Roberta said...

Lord yes, Minx. I'm freezing me arse off. Broke out the wool socks and the polypropelene. I think it's going to be a very cold winter!

Global warming my eye.