Sunday, October 29, 2006

Calliope Waits

Calliope waits at the end
of a long dusty road
gently curving
past long abandoned cow
where ghost cows chew their
cuds and smile
at dust devils

She is surrounded by over-
grown roses, the old ones,
that release their scent
to the bees and the
butterflies while birds
build nests in the
eaves of her front
porch and mud wasps
buzz at no one and

The box woods yearn to
be brushed by
giggling hands and
the front step sags
from the weight of years,
not steps.

Even the screen door
caught by a wind
claps alone with
one hand - wishing for


The rooms of Calliope
are bare, simple shadows
on the walls, a hint at hutches
and couches - sideboards-
an easy chair
furniture that once stood
strong and sturdy, gone
or covered.

The white pine floor reflects
the sun - but
yearns for tiny sounds
of bare feet, laughing
from room to room.

Calliope waits -
she has for years -
and will continue
to yearn
for those that would
make her


anna said...

Lovely Roberta,
like any old beauty, a little melancholy, but still graceful

Roberta said...


I'm glad you are back. I need to read something worthwhile. Write! Write!

Thank you my dear heart. Love your response!

Now go write something. That's an order.

d_orlando said...

... from memory or did you find my archive? ; )