Thursday, September 21, 2006


The sun
is reluctant
to rise today
trying to
keep its pant
legs dry
in the heavy

I pause
and watch it struggle
feeling the
cool whip
my ankles
in the damp

The color
of the light
reflecting on
my white kitchen
walls has changed
from the glare
of summer
to the heavy
of autumn

it reminds
me of the smell
of books
musty with age
and the
sharp odor
of freshly


anna said...


The color
of the light
reflecting on
my white kitchen
walls has changed

it has changed here also
mellowed somewhat
and definitely shortened

dominic said...

Trousers? And I thought the Sun wore hot pants?!

Roberta said...

Thank you as always, Anna.

Dom? Somebody's on a role over there. ;)

Kajgreb said...

I too love the quality of light in the autumn. The mica in the ground sparkles like lights in elfin cottage. How it makes the edge sharp enough to fall into a new world. How the sun makes dust motes into magic horses to ride into a new story.

Susan Abraham said...

How beautifully you combined weather elements with your love for books and writing, Roberta.

Minx said...

That last stanza says everything.

Autumn is here in Cornwall, and is happening very quickly.

Minx said...

Oopps, thought I had commented already.

Thought that last stanza summed the whole smell of autumn for me!

Roberta said...

Kaj, what a lovely reply. And I know what you mean about the mica. I have always been facinated with it.

Susan-Thank you for stopping by again! Your comments are always so kind.

Minx - I am going to have to visit England sometime. I bet it's a lot like "home". Thanks for reading me.

RichMcD said...

Smells good, Ro. Real good.

RichMcD said...

Smells good, Ro. Real good

Shadowrite said...

"The smell of books musty with age,"

Call me a nerd, but THIS is why I love the library. Wonderful poem Roberta!

Peter said...

Yes, delicious. It made my ankles tingle.